So what are the benefits to double glazing?

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So what is Thermawood?

The Thermawood system is a fully code compliant “dry glazing” system developed primarily for timber joinery. What this means is that the DGU (Double glazed unit) is suspended within a rebate that is allowed to breath and shed any moisture that might penetrate past the seals. This management of moisture is what is so vitally important if you want your timber joinery to last. Being primarily a timber joinery restoration company we have more experience of how and why timber joinery breaks down. So when we went looking for a system we were painfully aware of what can happen if the wrong systems are used. We have been highly impressed with the design of this system and have incorporated it into many of our projects. Our motto has always been “near enough is not good enough”, as craftsmen we understand how to get it right.

With the Thermawood system we can confidently say that we can give you a job you will be proud of and a warmer, cooler and more enjoyable home for you and your family to enjoy.

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Getting the job done right.

Bedroom is much quieter now with all the seals, new glass and joinery work that went into retrofitting the 45 year old windows. Lots of new things learned about the amount of work that goes into getting the job done right.'“

— Lisa, Auckland

Highly recommend

Jon and Stella are a dream to deal with, they’re quick to let you know of any changes and they’re both very passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. We were so impressed we decided to get them to do more work after they finished the first job. If you want the job done well and with care then you can’t go past them!! Highly recommend

— Abby, Auckland

High standard

They didn’t compromise on getting the job done well to a high standard. Lovely people to deal with.

— Emma, Auckland