New Zealand homes are noisy

Unfortunately most of our homes are both thermally and acoustically poorly designed. This is due to a price driven building culture and particularly that acoustic design is not thought to be a high priority for most of its clients. However with more and more infill construction in our big cities so has the impact of our neighbours on our quality of life. At Devon Timber Windows we have taken this issue very seriously and so we can now offer an acoustic retrofit service to address this situation.


Acoustic double glazing

dgu retro.png

The starting point, windows must be fitted with the correct acoustic glazing to start to cut down on the sound passing into your home.

Acoustic insulation

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Your next part of the acoustic system, the correct sound insulating products, which also give thermal insulation.

Walling system

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The last part of the system is properly designed walling system that helps stop the transference of sound into your home.